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Who is Furya?

Remember my name. 

Who’s FURYA?

I’m so suprised that I’m not so famous…


This is Furya.

The Japanese name is “ふりゃあ”. Probably, you have seen Furya before. Furya has been an official mascot of the Meidaisai since the 60th Meidaisai. Our wishes that we want to succeed the Meidaisai gave birth to Furya.

Furya, I fairly like my name! 

About Furya

We give you more details of Furya. 

I’m a little embarrassed.


classification: fried-shrimpidea, fried-shrimp 
birthday: May 1st 
eyes: pure blue like blue LEDs 
hair: bed-head 
pastime: frying shrimps 
hometown: seventh green belt 

Remember about me… before I finish fring my shrimps that I always put on my head!

Furya’s Favorite Food 

His favorite dish is fried shrimps. He fries shrimps to use as his eyebrows every morning. His daily mood depends on how well he fried the shrimps in the morning. Perhaps he is a fairy- or something like that of fried shrimps. 

When I think about fried shrimps…
Time frys. 

Furya’s Character

You may think that Furya looks calm at first impression. But Furya is not only selfish, impertinent, and confident, but also fairly lonely.

Furya is so selfish that Furya thinks Furya can get whatever Furya wants.So impertinent that Furya thinks Furya is the world’s best genius.So confident that Furya thinks people around the world love Furya.Though Furya sometimes loses confidence and feels lonely. 

Furya might be hard to please. But one of the things that Furya most loves is visitors smile to Meidaisai. Furya is looking forward to meeting you in the Meidaisai. Furya is very cute, and similar to us, so we can’t hate him. 


Furya has Twitter account. Furya would be glad if you follow and retweet.

I wanna talk with you! 


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I still have a lot of secrets… Stay tuned for more updates!